understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Through the Transcriptions, the radio broadcasting is doing a work so magnificent. I wish to take this opportunity of thanking the Students everywhere.

I thank every Beloved One for the magnificent manner in which they have made possible so much of the radio work. How blessed they are to be willing to do this and render this service for mankind, for the need is great!

The time is so short, and this makes it possible to reach enough of mankind to hold the balance.

You cannot quite understand just what those Words mean. Do you realize that it means the balance of the whole Earth, Dear People?

❤ If America cannot call this balance into action, then balance everywhere is lost to the Earth! ❤

I do not mean that anyone should feel unduly responsible;  but you can, with a joyous and happy feeling in your Heart, make the necessary Call – not only to your “Presence”, but call the “Presence” to reach Its Hands out, touch the Hearts of mankind and awaken them everywhere, that they may come into this Light and the Understanding of their “Mighty I AM Presence”;

for It is the only means of bringing the release which will hold the balance for the people.

❤ There is no stabilization, there is no means of holding the balance without It. ❤

In those early years when We were just feeling Our Way among mankind, will I ever forget those letters I received from England and various parts of Europe! Humanity telling Us what We should do, where We had made Our mistakes and how to correct them.

It is wonderful, is it not, to be able to calmly and serenely wait;  to abide the time when the Great Cosmic Light and Law will come to the Assistance of the mass, and bring in Its train the Mighty Victory of the Light!”



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