understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, for more than six hundred years the Great Ascended Masters have tried to open the way for this greater Understanding to come to mankind; but no sooner did this Mighty Truth begin to expand Its Light, than individuals with human opinions seized upon It and tried to make It obey them, instead of obeying It.

We were not then Ascended; but today, that great, magnificent Brother of Light, Our Beloved Saint Germain, has had the Courage and Strength to bring forth this “Mighty I AM” Instruction to free all mankind.

Some day, when you know a little more of what He went through to win His Victory and Ascension, you will understand why He has had the magnificent Power, Strength, and Wisdom to do what no other has ever been able to do.

I have not asked His Permission to tell you this which I shall say to you, so I shall take advantage, lest he cut it off. I trust He will not be listening.

But, Beloved Ones, I say to you as One who knows:  never in all Eternity can mankind pour forth enough gratitude to Saint Germain for this Victory of the Light.

I have long waited this opportunity, and as he is busy elsewhere this afternoon, he will discover it later, of course; but I must say that of which My Heart is so full.  Our Gratitude to Him for that Victory is Boundless and Eternal!

Blessed Ones, only as the years pass will you come more and more fully to understand what this means to mankind.”

We feel so greatly encouraged. The Goddess of Liberty has set into action a certain Power through the currents of the atmosphere.  Through It We feel so hopeful of quickly drawing enough of the attention of mankind to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, to quickly accomplish all that is required.

Will you not rejoice with Us? With all the great calm earnestness of your being, call the “Mighty I AM Presence” to project Its Currents into the atmosphere and into the mental and feeling world of mankind, to awaken humanity to this great Truth.

Then the moment They touch It, they will be ready to know It is their own Life.”



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