understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Children of America, how wondrous has been the change since Our first humble Efforts to give Assistance to the people of Europe. Our Assistance has also spread to America. In all loving kindness, I wish to mention just two things.

In the endeavor of Morya and Myself to bring to the World the Truth that there was no death, mankind has been unwilling to give the obedience required; and because of their disobedience, turned the wonderful Understanding We brought forth into the present activity of spiritualism.

In Our endeavor to assist and bring forth through Theosophy the Glory and right Understanding of Life, up to the time when We could have brought forth this Truth, still again humanity would not give sufficient obedience.

❤ Why will not mankind, precious mankind, give obedience to the Law of Life – love each other, so that it makes it possible for the great Truth to come forth untouched, unadulterated by human opinions! ❤

Yet, We are so grateful to every blessed, earnest Theosophist and every other blessed one in America, for all the service each one has rendered.”



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