understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you wonder that I am familiar with the radio? We have had it for a hundred years in India.

Now, Beloved Ones – to use one of the Messenger’s expressions -“We are going down to brass tacks.”  We are coming to the point where, with your combined assistance, the way will open wherein these Broadcasts will go forth, reaching hundreds of thousands of people and calling their attention to the “Mighty I AM Presence.”

Would you like to hear the results from the Broadcasts in New York? Out of the number of people who heard those Broadcasts, only three people – and We watched it – rejected it.  Only three people who heard those Broadcasts rejected the Explanation.

It is the most stupendous thing that We have ever witnessed.

This is why I am speaking to you from My Heart tonight. To those who have means and wish to render Service in the expansion of this Light, I wish to say that there is no thing in the world which would render such Transcendent Blessing, as money used in the broadcasting of the “I AM” to the World. It is a magnificent opportunity.

The very remarkable thing today is that in presenting that part of the Law, calling the attention to the “Presence” and the Ascended Masters, a great opportunity is given.

The Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light, and the Great Cosmic Beings amplify and hold the attention to those listening, because in the quiet and freedom of listening undisturbed, they grasp and more clearly comprehend It.

It is very marvelous. We ourselves could hardly conceive of the results, but that is why I use this opportunity to inform you of the mass results produced by it. Through that, tremendous things will be done.”


God Himalaya

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