understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You who have had experiences of the World, I feel are strong enough to win your own Victory; but the young people fifteen, sixteen, eighteen, and twenty years old, they are the ones who need to be guided right.

Many of them are in confusion because of wrong teaching. They know the Truth in their Hearts, but they see manifested all about them the same mistaken activity.

They wonder – can it be true? Yet all the time in their Hearts they know it is not.

Will you, Beloved Ones – you have done it to some extent – but will you especially call for the Protection of the young people of America? Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” with Infinite Power, that they may be brought in touch with this Understanding of the “Mighty I AM” in some manner.

As the radio broadcast expands in its work, oh, what an opportunity it is to turn the attention of great numbers of individuals to the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Oh, Beloved Ones, do you not see this? In your wondrous Call for a national hookup on your radio, you can render such a great Service to bring people into this Understanding.

Oh, as never before, call for it, that it may quickly come into manifestation.

Dear Hearts, when I think of some blessed ones among the “I AM” Students who want to render such a great Service – do you not see that money cannot be spent in any better manner than to produce such powerful results in getting this Understanding of the “I AM” over the radio, and through it touch so many thousands of people quickly!

Beloved Ones, there is no thing so needed today as that. The Messengers cannot reach many people in the Class Work. Even if they filled the Hollywood Bowl, still they would only be reaching a small number of humanity; but through the radio, the results that have already been produced from it are phenomenal.”


God Himalaya

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