blessed friday evening loves 😊

Great Day Children Of The Most High 😎  There Is Contemplation In Silence…Amen  😊 ❤  

So…Here We Go…

How Can We Get The Illegal Guns Off Of The Streets?

Well, We Probably Can’t Put All Of Them Out Of Commission, But The Majority Can Be Eliminated. The Thing Is, Even If The Illegal Guns Are Diminished, There Will Still Be The Legal Ones Which Can Still Be Stolen Or Used For Violence. Bottom Line Is, Guns Will Always Be Around, Just As They Are In Other Places. But The Guns, However, Are Not The Issue; For, There Are Many Other Means Of Violence.

Morality Is The Issue; Principles Of Rules And Conflict Conducive To The Well-Being Of All…EVERYONE, Not Just Some, That Seems To Me, The Issue.

How Can The ‘great america’, Become The “GREAT AMERICA” If It Cannot Even Protect Its Citizens, Regardless Of Who They Are Or Where They’re From? And, No Doubt…SAFETY Issues FOR OUR CHILDREN Should be Of The UTMOST CONCERN, Because, ‘OL Heads In Government, They Are The Ones Who Will Carry On. Wake Up To This…Wake Up To This…Wake Up To This!

How Can We Promote Prosperity Over Humanity, And Still Consider Ourselves Great?

The Dream Of Having Big Things And Endless Means, Shouldn’t Mean A Thing…When It Comes To The Lives And Well-Being Of God’s Children.

Now…We Have Tried Many Things…Over And Over Again; Violence, Protesting, Gun Laws, Vigils, Crying, And Damn Near Begging For Change In These, And Many Other Areas Of Society…But…Here We Still Are, Because Those Things Have Not Worked.

Y’all Can Say What You Want About Me, But Deep Down Inside We ALL Know That Change Will Have To Start With The Individual, Including Our Ideas Of Morality, Law, And Justice, In Order For The Change Which We Seek In This Country, And In This World To Begin.

There Is No Magic Solution, Chant, Potion, Not Even Just Prayer, That Is Going To Do This For Us. Nor Will It Be Quick; But The Sooner We Accept It, And Stop Looking For Outside Miracles, The Sooner We Will See A Miraculous Change!

Now It Is True, That Some Of Us Don’t Develop An Intimate Relationship With Our Higher Selves…Or With What We Consider God, Till Later On In Life…And That’s Alright…But When You Finally Do…Hold On For Dear Life…Cuz It Can Be An Intimidating “Trip”…But A Worthy Ride! Amen ❤   A Worthy Thing It Is To Ride With The Most High…Along This Winding Road…We Call Life. 😎 ❤


The First Thing Many Will Say Is, “Who Does She Think She Is? Well…I Am Win 🙂 And This Is Not An “Egoic” Message,  But… It’s A PSA…From A Heavenly Place…Glory 😆 😆 😆 ❤

So, Let Us Be Grateful, Let Us Be Love…N Let Us Praise God ❤ ❤ ❤

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