understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“One day these Books and Discourses, and whatever follows, will spread over India, because I shall see that it is done; for they convey the Truth to mankind, and the unfortunate individuals who criticize those Books are unfortunate indeed.

I want you to know that America has come again with great Light. How We rejoice, and how great a Privilege is Ours in assisting in any way We can; for this great incoming Perfection will one day spread over the entire Earth.

Think of it, Beloved Ones! today before you in those blessed Books is the Law of Life; the Application; the Explanation of these Great Laws, and how to set them into action! It is all true.

Anyone can prove It who will! Those who will not prove It are the losers. But you who are so in earnest, read! read! read! those precious Books, Dear Hearts. Apply! apply! apply! this amazing Energy of your “Presence”.

Call It into action, until there is not a vestige of any limitation left in you and your world, and It must act! It cannot fail you!

Remember this one point again tonight. I must remind you. You have heard it so often, but I am sure you forget it. Remember, your Higher Mental Body, provided by the “Presence”, knows every requirement and does release whatever you need.

The simple, almighty thing which any of you can govern and handle, if you will, is to keep your feeling world harmonious.

Keep calling the “Presence” into action to take out everything that is unknowingly acting in your world, which might obstruct the outflow of this pure Energy from the “Presence” to produce the results you require.”


God Himalaya

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