understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is only because, Dear Ones, you momentarily give way again to the power of appearances that your Freedom seems to be delayed – when they have no power except what you give them. Do not do that, I plead with you.

Your Victory is so sure, so quick, as soon as you take your stand against the appearance world and know and feel that it has no power.

Do you not see that you have been the creators of these limitations which beset your world, and the conditions that are there? When you say to a thing, “You have no power!” you, being the creator of it, take the power out of it to act in your world. Do you not see that, Beloved Ones? It is so magnificent!

Remember, let Me repeat again:   you are the creator of every limiting thing in your world. Therefore, when you say to an appearance, “You have no power!”  do you not see, right then and there you take out of such an appearance any power to further act in your world, to limit or to obstruct your way.

Oh, how We rejoice in the clearness of this Understanding which is coming into your world. You are grasping more firmly each time the true Victory, the true feeling of your power, through your “Presence”, to govern your world.”


God Himalaya

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