understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your human is the only one who can make a mistake. Your “Presence” never does! Think – all mankind has made a constant stream of mistakes. Now We are correcting that whole stream, and you are correcting it.

So, if you find in your earnest effort a mistake has been made, what of it? Simply say, “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, do not let me do it again.” Such is the Freedom, the Power which is being released in your world.

Do you not see that if you crumple up because you have made a mistake, you undo all the work you have already done, and you have to start all over?

Do not do that, but with the Infinite Joy of the “Presence”, say:  “Oh no, you appearance world; no more do you have power! It makes no difference what stands before me that is less than Your Perfection. I declare it has no power!”  and it does not have.

If necessary, in order to give you time to get your breath and gather your forces, say:  “Stop! You shall not enter my world! I will have no more of this.”

Then, as you have sent forth this great Power which stops everything, say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, rush forward here; take command of me my world! Hold Your Dominion and produce what is required for my freedom, happiness, my supply, my comfort”, or whatever it may be.

Oh, these are great Laws, mighty Laws, Dear Ones, that even a little child can use; and the children do use them wonderfully.”


God Himalaya

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