understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your “Presence” is not limited! Therefore, you can call this mighty Infinite Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence” – which is the Great Cosmic Light and Substance – into the mental and feeling world of mankind, until the fullness of Its Power acts there with Infinite Dominion.

You do not have to fear conditions that have the appearance of discord in your world today. An appearance does not have power to act unless the Life Stream through humanity is fed into it by the individual’s attention.

How do these agitators get attention and the energy of the people to cause these things? By getting their attention through some sinister, imaginary thing!

That is how the mass of mankind is being deceived by these agitators. They do not understand that they are being deceived in letting themselves be stirred up, for such activity is never the solution for anything.

In India our fanatics are so much worse than your agitators that there is no comparison.


Remember, Beloved Children of the Light, these agitators – who through appearances which create disturbance in your industrial world and prevent the people from having their livelihood – have no power unless you give them your life energy through your attention and accept them as having power.

As the Messengers have urged you, say to all discordant appearances, “You have no power!” and it will not have.

Remember, Beloved Ones, you are atoms in the body of humanity.  Therefore, you have the authority and the power to call forth this Infinite Power, to dissolve and consume forever from the Earth these conditions;  silence all individuals who are claws of the sinister force;  and to take from them all power to produce those results among mankind.

There can never be a solution of anything, unless you call the “Presence” into action to bring forth Divine Justice to capital, to labor, and to all industries.

Then you will find the only solution.”


God Himalaya

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