understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, let us make a comparison in order to enable you to understand more comprehensively. Take our beloved India:  compare the great mass of our civilization there to your America.

Notice, Beloved Ones, We know this;  but even in India We may not do what you can do in America, because you are the Heart of the Light of the Earth and must remain so.

We are not able to do for our people anything like what is being done here for you, because the long built-up concept has taught many of the people of India to go into Samadhi – into meditation – and to release themselves from the body, to live and move and have their being in the Higher Octaves.

That is not Victory!  One day our people must come to know it!  To bring the Power of the “Presence” into the human form and into the activity of the human individual, is the only Victory on Earth.

We do have in India many wonderful Beings, Ascended and unascended;  but the great mass of our people do not know what is needed to win Life’s Victory.

You sometimes think you have factions among your Student Body.  In India we have hundreds of factions with various ideas and understandings of the Godhead and what It means.

You, outside of the agitators who cause your strikes and disturbance of that kind, have little to contend with;  but in India we have thousands and thousands of fanatics.

I am drawing this picture tonight, that you may all realize how great is your privilege here.  In this Knowledge of your “Presence”, you can call It into action with such power that every agitator, every condition less than Perfection shall vanish from your America and the Earth.”


God Himalaya

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