understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you see, Precious Ones, all who have been so vicious toward the Messengers and the Work really have no power.

Dear Ones, they are but destroying themselves; and it is such a pity. They cannot harm the Messengers nor the Work. You all see that. So, do not allow anything to trip you up, Beloved Ones, anywhere along the Pathway of Light.

Do not listen to foolish gossip! Those who are trying to oppose the Messengers start all such things just to try to get the attention of the earnest Student, and I am rejoiced that most of you are untouched by it; so, pour forth strength to others.

The Messengers do not condemn those unfortunate individuals. It is such a great pity, because their energy turned to the Light would set all entirely free, if they but realized it.

After the coming Shrine Class, it is Our great Hope with Our great Love pouring out to you, that everyone who enters those walls will go forth so firmly anchored in his “Mighty I AM Presence” and in the acceptance of the Ascended Masters, that no longer will anyone listen to false gossip of any kind – or any kind of gossip, for that matter.

It is for your own protection, Beloved Ones, because that is the thing which disturbs your feeling and opens you to the undesirable qualities and activities – either of your own creation or of someone outside.

Remember, the mental and feeling world of mankind is one! If you do not hold about you the Wall of Light invincible, you may accept suggestions which are not yours and act them out.

Let us be so careful of this and be so sure of ourselves, that we only accept the Perfection of the “Presence”. Anything less than the Perfection of the “Presence”, we do not want.

Therefore, be firm and absolutely unyielding in refusing acceptance to anything less than Perfection of the “Presence” into your worlds – into your feeling worlds.

We will assist you if you will take your firm stand and do that.”


God Himalaya

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