understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“BELOVED Children of the Light, I greet you in the Love and Power of your own “Mighty I AM Presence”. I shall endeavor to draw you a picture, tonight, which will possibly help you to understand how great your privilege is in America.

In My country of India, oh, what We would give to have what you already have in America – this Understanding of your “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Do you quite realize, Beloved Ones, that you are the most privileged people on the face of the Earth! Why are you the privileged ones? Will you try to remember these Words forever?

You have heard this no doubt before; but if you will let Me, I want to anchor it tonight as a constant Memory within you, because of association in that long-forgotten civilization.

You, humanly speaking, have forgotten this training. Now you are recalling It – or, It is being recalled for you. You can and are having the privilege of your Victory.

Most of the individuals who have already been drawn under Saint Germain’s Radiance, are those from this former civilization to which I have just referred. Many of you failed in that civilization, but you are not going to fail in this one!

Because of the Great Cosmic Light, It is enabling enough to be done for you in the way of Assistance so you will not fail this time.

Remember what the Messenger has said to you:  Once individuals have seen the Chart and touched this Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, they cannot turn away from It long. It is not possible!

saint germain God presence chart

Oh, not because of the Messengers; but because It is a mighty Truth. It is the eye picture of their Reality, and no one can forget It.

Oh, that all might really understand this and silence forever all human activity within them.”


God Himalaya

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