understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This is no condemnation nor criticism of prayer. It has been a wonderful thing, even to have the previous knowledge of prayer; but you see it does not always produce one hundred percent results.

In this Mighty Ascended Master Law, you know you have entered into the complete deeper Understanding and All-powerful Application of the Law.

You have come to know It not only as the Law of God, but the Law of Life, of which you are a definite part. Then you know you have entered into the Conquering Presence of Life.

It is what all are seeking to be, Beloved Ones – The Conquering Presence of Life!


Does that sound as though Life had some imperfection in it? No!

But because of mankind’s power of qualification, it means that the power of qualification is used only for the constructive activity of Life – wholly!

No longer, by your permission, can your feeling act to requalify this mighty Energy discordantly.

Remember, Beloved Ones – who have the understanding of your “Presence” – if you insist on allowing your feelings to become discordant and, through that, requalify this mighty Energy as It goes forth from you, then you become still more responsible for the discord of the World.

Remember, It is pouring forth every minute through the Power of Radiation and you cannot stop It!”


God Tabor


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