understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Since the Great Divine Director asked you to render a certain Service to Europe, I wish that you might suddenly see with your own All-Seeing Eye what has been done through it.

Do you not see that when the Divine Director asks you to render a certain Service, it is because He sees through your effort He will be able to do certain things for the Blessing of mankind in general?

Remember, He is a Mighty Cosmic Being who has seen fit to come into your Groups, into your Classes, and render this Service for the Students individually, that they may release more Power form the “Presence” into action for your cities and Nation.

Then, Beloved Ones, is it not the most perfect Cooperative Activity that has ever been known?

Mankind have not known how to do this because they had so completely forgotten their “Presence”.

In all the prayers, magnificent as they are, which have been poured forth to God, how fragmentary are those prayers in comparison with these mighty Decrees which you are issuing!

The difference between a prayer as mankind has understood it, and the issuing of a Decree, is that most prayers are supplications;

and a Decree is the Acknowledgment of God the Almighty “I AM Presence” as the only Presence and Intelligence acting.

You see at once the difference in the power released to produce the results, and the difference in the individual’s feeling.”


God Tabor

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