understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Every blessed one’s Call has been intensified in your Acknowledgment of your “Mighty I AM Presence” since yesterday;

so enter into a greater and greater joy and intensity in your Call,   “The Limitless Legions of Light sweep across the face of the Earth, and all human darkness disappears!”

That is a Clarion Call which goes to the uttermost Powers of Light. Perhaps no other Call for the need today is so great as that.

Why? because all activity within the Earth or upon its surface must be directed by Wisdom and Intelligence.

Therefore, in the Realm of the Activity of the Cosmic Light, the “Legions of Light” means the Great Ascended Masters, the Great Cosmic Beings, the Great Cosmic Masters and Legions of Light combined.

It means that the Great Intelligence and Wisdom of the Universe has come into action, to direct this mighty Power of Light unto Its Perfection for the Earth.

Will you not feel It; and each time you make this Call individually or otherwise, feel and see those Great Powers sweeping from the West to the East!

Notice how everything is reversed.

Formerly you would have expected the sweeping from the East to the West. Today the Great Legions are sweeping from the West to the East – sweeping back the war clouds; holding them within their own creation until they can be dissolved and annihilated.

So, We thank you, Beloved Ones, for this privilege and joy today. May you feel Its Ever-enfolding, Expanding, and Blessing Activity to each one.

We thank you.”


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