understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I thank you , Beloved Lotus, for your recent Call to Me. Remember, the Light is taking Its Dominion upon the Earth. Try to feel and rejoice, all of you, in the fullness of all that is before you.

Oh, you are just in the beginning as yet. Glories you cannot conceive of are before you in the great Calm Peace within, which enables the Power of the “Presence” to flow forth at your Call – unqualified by any imperfection.

It will flood forth so quickly to fill your body with health; your world with peace, harmony, and the Perfection of the “Presence”, releasing every good thing that you require.

The Great Ones wish Me to convey Their Love and Blessing to each one of you. Feel this day a second step in the great Victory gained.

May I say before closing, to our beloved hostess, that I knew your beloved son in the long past; and in his journey I shall ofttimes be with him. He was in Our Civilization at the time We entered into the interior of the Earth, so I knew him quite well.

That is why I loved to come to your home today and leave with you, your family and all, My Love and Blessings, with Its enfolding, expanding, protecting Radiance and Glory.

I trust by his attention being called to Me, that he will ofttimes be conscious of My Presence. That will enable Me to do many things which I should like to do for him.

With the Love and Blessing of the Great Ones, We enfold you now in Their Eternal, ever-perfecting Presence and Activity.

May each blessed one of you be blest with the fullness of the Infinite Power of Light.

I say to you, Beloved Lotus: what a marvelous thing it is to broadcast to the World the Power of Light, because It is the incoming Power of the World!

It is the Power – Incoming Power of America!”



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