understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Does it sound unkind to say to the human form: “You helpless creature! You who have taken so much credit to yourself, are without power of action, except from the Presence of Life”?

True it is! This atomic structure is helpless without the Ray of Light and Energy which gives it Life in action.

In this Stream of Life is all Intelligence, all Power, all Activity of achievement. It is not limited!

Then, do you not see how not only your freedom from limitations can be obtained quickly, but even your Ascension?

There is no outer reason. This Stream of Light is the One who performs that Service for you. It is All-wise and All-powerful.

Why not have your Ascension?

Try to feel how practical all these magnificent things are – even the Ascension, the Goal of all Life. I mean so far as your outer, physical life is concerned, It is the Goal of all Life. Of course, you go on and on and on, in ever-expanding Magnificent Activity.

You who are sitting in this room, perhaps far sooner than you dream will be wielding Power which today seems so incredible to you, so much so that it seems impossible.

Yet I say, with any one of you there is nothing impossible – even today – in the Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence” released into action.

Try to feel It! Let It have full Power and sway! Let It have Dominion! Let Its Glory flood you and all your world!”



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