understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I rejoice in how still you are able to become. Do you know how stillness really is produced? It can only come by the quieting of your emotional body and feeling world.

When you are able to enter into the stillness which is here now, you will know that you are gaining control and Mastery over your feeling world. It is the feeling world that gets agitated and makes you restless.

Take firm command of it; and every time it wants to wiggle around, say, “Now settle right down here and be quiet!”  Soon you will gain such Mastery that you will have no difficulty whatsoever. If you choose to just sit without moving a muscle for hours, you will be able to do it.

That is the gaining of Mastery over the atomic structure, which has run riot in every conceivable feeling.

Is it not strange that mankind have been so governed by the sense of feeling in the outer world, when beating each Heart is the great Calm Sea of the Eternal Silence!

Only in the great mountains does the outer world find the Great Silence so naturally expressed. There you can sit and feel absolute stillness; and as you speak, your voice will come back to you from the distance.

Today in this room you have entered into the Great Silence, which the Silent Watcher established for you last night.

Will you feel It; let It enfold you, grasp the atomic structure of your form, and hold it within Our Great Silence, until every vibratory action is stilled.

Then, by your power of qualification, call your “Mighty I AM Presence” to sustain It forever.

At any moment you wish to reenter this wondrous state of Silence, you are able do so.

I call It to your attention today. Please watch It. It has thus been established. When you wish to again return into this Silence, you will find you can do it instantly – sometimes out of very great seeming agitation.

Try to accept this in the fullness of Its Power, and let It act for you.”



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