understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your airplane propeller and fan are perhaps the most logical explanations of the Inner Forces acting.

When you spin them at a certain speed, you intensify not only the action but the invisibility. When they go at such rapid speed that you do not see them with the physical sight, still you are conscious of their effect and activity.

In the Activity which is coming forth at this time, you will not always see the Power that is acting; but you will see the outer effect of Its manifestation.

I urge all of you, especially those who are intense:    please do not allow your attention to focus upon any definite outer manifestation. Just go on in your Application, letting the Wisdom of the “Presence” direct the manifestation.

I say this for a reason, because We have seen among the Students those who, just because it would be such a great joy, really long in their feelings for the Presence of the Ascended Masters or some Manifestation of unusual Power.

That, of course, in itself is quite all right; but the trouble is, Dear Ones, a dividing of your attention.

Let the Wisdom of your “Presence” within, bring that all about in Its own good time. You, a being of Free Will, have drawn about yourself these limitations, which individuals are experiencing today.

The imperative thing for all is to focus their attention upon the “Presence”, which will allow the dissolving and consuming of every discordant creation you have drawn about you, or any kind of creation which is less than Perfection.

This must be cleared away before it would be wise to release some other things, which will be released.

Your discordant creation must be consumed before the revealing of the Presence of the Ascended Masters can take place.”



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