understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Light, today I take the opportunity of drawing your attention to the recent experiences of some of the Students.

We from the interior of the Earth are cooperating with the Great Cosmic Light and with that which is on the surface of the Earth, to hasten that release of the greatest possible Perfection for the Earth.

In the experience of the people in Washington D. C., who saw the sinister cloud dissolved and consumed, the Ray from underneath came from within the Earth.

If through your attention you understand this cooperative Activity of all the Forces of Life, you will understand how the most gigantic Activity of the Forces of Light has been focused upon the Earth at this time.

It is the most concentrated Focus projected forth since the second Golden Age, when such great Perfection reigned everywhere.

Mankind have drawn away from the Light and their “I AM Presence” voluntarily, and they must go back of their own volition.

With this enormous Assistance which is being given, what would have required centuries may be accomplished in just a few years.

You must understand, in your individual lives, as well as the life of the Earth and the nations, that the Light of the “Presence”, or the greater expansion of It which you call the Cosmic Light is coming into action in the Earth in your outer experience.”



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