understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May I say a Word for the encouragement of a few of the precious ones who sometimes, when conditions sort of suddenly confront them and they do not quite see the way out, feel all-gone for a little while.

Dear Ones, remember, it is not you! It is just a sinister suggestion which unknowingly you have allowed to register in your feelings. Instantly turn on it and tell it, it has no power; and you will dismiss it!

Do you see that when you do this with firm determination, you take out of the quality which is starting to act, any power whatsoever to affect you longer?

Is it just simply marvelous when you find you have the authority and power to do this.

No earnest, precious one is ever forsaken, Dear Hearts, once you have touched this Light.

Oh, it is so wonderful to know how the Great Ones are watching over you – watching for the opportunity at your Call, to amplify and assist you in every way, in ways you could not outwardly imagine.

In the Activity of the Great Cosmic Light, which has become so tremendous in the outer world today, oh, Precious Ones, accept Its full Power to act in your world.”



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