understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, it is such a great Joy for Us to continue to remind you of these simple, majestic activities. They are clothing you more and more each day with the certain, definite consciousness that you are really Master of your world.

It is not so difficult. It is only because unknowingly sometimes individuals still accept through the feeling the old ideas. Do not be discouraged if once in a while those things intrude, or you find them acting in your feeling world.

Just with a calm serenity say:¬† ¬†“Oh, no, you human activity. You are finished! You cannot act! I do not give you any further power to act in my world! Therefore, you are helpless!”

As you take a firm, determined stand, do you see that the human qualities cannot act in your world longer to produce unhappiness for you?

Please remember that We are not eavesdropping; but in Our great Joy We watch – oh, We have to do it – watch the progress of the beloved Students everywhere.

Can you not feel My Joy this moment as We call your attention to the mighty progress which has been made, oh, in so short a time, Precious Ones!

Not one of you beloved, earnest Students who considers yourself one hundred percent for the “I AM”, is the same being at all that you were even a year ago – not in the slightest.

You may still look like you did; but yet I say from the Inner standpoint, you are in no wise the same being.

Then you can understand why Our Joy is so great.”



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