understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Precious Ones, do not, I plead with you, accept anything less than Perfection as real or having power in your world. It really does not!

I am speaking these Words with other Ascended Masters who are present and charging this into your feeling world.

Do you know how greatly We love you Blessed Ones; and why We are making this tremendous Effort to stabilize, to anchor you so firmly in this Understanding and your Application of It, that nothing in the world can shake you loose from it?

We rejoice, oh, so greatly, for this Privilege and means of speaking to you in this way. All We are pouring forth to you is Our Application, and there are no human concepts in these Words.

While I am using Words with which you are familiar, of course avoiding all technical terminology, yet it is Our Expression. It is Our Means of conveying this to you.

It touches you first through your attention; and then by the spoken word; and last, by the Radiation of Our Light in and through your feelings.

We are able to render you this Service now, as We could not have a year and a half ago. You will find this growing more and more powerful as it goes on and your feeling becomes more sensitized to this great Perfection.

You too, then, will feel radiating to you, acting within your feeling, the Confidence of which many have been so much in need.”


Lady Master Leto

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