understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you believe Me when I tell you that the Ascended Masters for more than forty years have served mankind – seeing this point was to be reached.

Why do you suppose the number who have already become interested in this Presentation have become so earnestly interested?

Because all the time, unknown to them, the Great Blessed Ascended Masters were pouring forth into the feeling world Their Radiation, so when this came into outer expression they would be ready to receive it. Now that is one of the Services the Ascended Masters have been rendering the people for the past forty years.

Since Madame Blavatsky came into the outer world and attempted through Theosophy to bring some of this Knowledge and Understanding to mankind, the Ascended Masters have poured out this Radiation.

Then, Mrs. Eddy brought another phase of it. Now, this has come forth as the final Knowledge in the Acknowledgment of the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

It is the great God Source of Life; the great Principle of Life, Individualized. It is Intelligent Action, the great Power of the Universe, glorifying mankind with Its Threefold Activity.

Our Beloved Sister so often mentions the “Threefold Flame”, the “Great Unfed Flame”. It is your Trinity of Action, Precious Ones. The son, Donald, has also often mentioned the “Power of the ‘Three times Three.'”

All of these are expressions of the One – the same great Invincible Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence” which, when called into action, produces such tremendous results.

That which We term the “sinister force” fears the Supreme Power of Life tremendously; and when the Words “Power of the ‘Three times Three'” are issued, the sinister force is powerless.”


Lady Master Leto

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