making of the universe: origins

“From this primary division our Kosmos takes its sevenfold character, and all subsequent divisions in their descending order reproduce this seven-keyed scale.

Under each of the seven secondary Logoi come the descending hierarchies of Intelligences that form the governing body of His kingdom:

among these we here of the Lipika, who are the Recorders of the karma of that kingdom and of all entities therein; of the Maharajas or Devarajas, who superintend the working out of karmic law;

and of the vast host of the Builders, who shape and fashion all forms after the Ideas that dwell in the treasure-house of the LOGOS, in the Universal Mind, and that pass from Him to the Seven, each of whom plans out His own realm under that supreme direction and all-inspiring life, giving to it, at the same time, His own individual coloring.

H. P. Bavatsky calls these Seven Realms that make up the solar system the seven Laya centers; she says:

“The seven Laya centers are the seven Zero points, using the term Zero in the same sense that chemists do, to indicate a point at which, in Esotericism, the scale of reckoning of differentiation begins.


From the Centers – beyond which esoteric philosophy allows us to perceive the dim metaphysical outlines of the “Seven Sons” of Life, and Light the seven Logoi of the Hermetic and all other philosophies – begins the differentiation of the elements which enter into the constitution of our Solar system.”

This realm is a planetary evolution of a stupendous character, the field in which are lived out the stages of a life of which a physical planet, such as Venus, is but a transient embodiment.”


Annie Besant

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