making of the universe: origins

“The appearance of the LOGOS, we are told, is the herald of the birth-hour of our kosmos.

“When He is manifest, all is manifested after Him; by His manifestation this All becomes manifest.” (Mundakopanishad)

With Himself He brings the fruits of a past kosmos – the mighty spiritual Intelligences who are to be His co-workers and agents in the universe now to be built.

Highest of these are “the Seven”, often Themselves spoken of as Logoi, since each in His place is the center of a distinct department in the kosmos, as the LOGOS is the center of the whole.

The commentary before quoted says:

“The seven Beings in the Sun are the Seven Holy Ones, Self-born from the inherent power in the matrix of Mother-substance…The energy from which they sprang into conscious existence in every Sun is what some people call Vishnu, which is the Breath of the Absoluteness. We call it the one manifested Life – itself a reflection of the Absolute.”

This “one manifested Life” is the LOGOS, the manifested God.”


Annie Besant

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