understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We want to prepare you, so you may all come within the greatest Light of your “I AM Presence” quickly. Once you do, nothing of the outer world would ever touch you or your world again.

If your joy is great, then can you feel for a moment how much greater Our Joy must be in seeing those who have so long wandered in the maze of human creation, being released into the Freedom which is Eternal.

I plead with you, stand guard each one over your feeling world, so at no time you let anything begin to revolve which makes it difficult for you to handle.

When you say to a human appearance, “It has no power”, remember, that is the Power of the Light – your “Presence” – saying, “You have no Power!”

Therefore Its Light goes into the appearance, knowing no resistance nor interference. Therefore, you see how it is dissolved.

This is how every human being could positively change or prevent any injustice ever being done to him, if at the least intimation he would call the “Presence” to project Its Mighty Light Rays into such a condition and produce Divine Justice.

You see, the Light – which is Self-luminous Intelligent Substance and Divine Justice – would produce just such an effect, and nothing could prevent it.”



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