understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to Blessed Donald, how fortunate and blessed you are to be here today! Cherish this experience always as a Sacred Memory, Power, and Strength, to sustain you at any time. Do not accept into your consciousnes, especially your feeling, the things of the outer world which are projected at you.

When there is any discordant appearance, with a great calm dignity say, “Be gone!” and it shall be done! Then take your mind off the disturbance, that you may hold the power and serenity which allows the Inner Power of each one of you to flow forth and have Its full Dominion, as We desire.

If every Student would always be firm in the human obedience We require, We could tell you just to the hour and minute everything that would take place!

Be at rest concerning your requirements – only make your firm, determined Application.

To each Blessed One, We want you to just know and feel that Our Hands are within yours, with a firmness so great you may often feel the pressure of that Hand within yours.

Sometimes if disturbance touches your world, grasp Our Hands firmly and go forward fearlessly; for We always walk by your side to protect you.”



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