understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Dear People, you are the authority as to how this energy is going to act for you.

As long as you allow your human self to accept that limitations can affect you, you are feeding your Life into them to do it.

Limitation has no power, if you will reverse it and say to every discordant or limiting appearance:

“You have no power! My ‘Presence’, the Infinite Power of the Universe, is here sustaining this body. Then why should I accept limitations which do not exist, except in the human imagination?”

Now these are Mighty Truths. Mankind can grasp them. They are simple, nothing complicated about them;

but individuals have been determined to live in that which they see in the outer world. There are thousands of people, hundreds of thousands who may have heard of this Work; yet the human says to them, “Show me!””


Lord Maha Chohan

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