understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Beloved Ones, We must assert this until each one gets the full conviction of it.

When We Call the Power of your “Presence” forth, remember, Its Power is a Self-luminous Substance which floods into, around you, and out into your world.

That Light is All-powerful! It floods forth and everything unlike Itself is dissolve before It.

Once you get the full conviction, you will have not one moment’s difficulty in freeing yourself quickly from every limiting, discordant thing. This is the Law of your Life, the Law of all Life.

You are the Focus of the Godhead at your point in the Universe. Oh, Dear People, realize that!

Do not let the impression or the suggestions of the outer world cause you to waver or question your Authority and Reality from your own “God Presence” which gives you Life. It is Life!

It is you – the only you that ever did or ever will exist in the world. That Stream of Life is you!

This which you see out here is but the form which has accepted limitations and discord. It is not real. It is not true, even though its appearance is terrifying to mankind many times.

That appearance can never be terrifying or limiting to anyone, except the individual feed his own Life Stream of Energy into it by his attention, which gives it power to limit.”


Lord Maha Chohan

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