understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, My Beloved Ones, do you not see how long, century after century after century, We have waited for mankind to become aware of this so they could make the Call.

You are the authority in your human octave! That is why you could not be interfered with even though you were making mistakes. Still, without your Call to Us, We may not interere!

Long, long, long have I waited in My Capacity to render a Service to the Earth which is beginning today to act in greater fullness and Power.

You will understand that We move and act in conjunction with and through this Great Cosmic Light in which is being released into the Earth; because the accumulation and discord of human beings has grown to a state where extraordinary means must be used to save the people.

You can realize now with a greater fullness what this means. In all the centuries past there have been civilizations of which rarely more than twenty-five percent came to this Great Height of Understanding;

but the mass of mankind, having Free Will, would not accept It. Therefore, We just had to take Our Hands off. Does it not seem incredible?

Let us draw an illustration, that you may more clearly understand how, while being sustained by the Light of your “Presence” which gives you physical forms, you and mankind could have so forgotten. Is it not strange?

The explanation is quite easy and quite practical. Individuals being the ones who must choose how the energy is to be used, having turned aside and forgotten their Reality, they have become so clothed with density that only by gigantic means was the shell of that human accumulation broken through.

Today, the marvel of all ages has come forth to the Blessing and Freedom of humanity.

Therefore, in holding your attention to your “Presence” – the Source of all Life, Intelligence, Power, Activity, and Energy – you are the most privileged of beings.”


Lord Maha Chohan


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