understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is nothing which can stand against your determination, when you remember that whatever quality is acting constructively in your thought and feeling world is the Power of your “Presence” called forth. Remember that!

It is not anything of your outer self! If you will comprehend this, you will see how the Power which you call forth in your Decrees is Infinite! It is limitless and All-powerful in Its Protective Activity for you.

Therefore, you cannot fail in anything you earnestly call forth from your “Presence”.

Today, the imperative need of mankind and among the Students everywhere, according to My Observation, is the feeling of Infinite Power acting in their Call to the “Presence”.

Feel that it does release the Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance, which is All-powerful in Itself: and when called forth, It moves into action. The human cannot obstruct Its Way.

It does not matter how drastic has been the discord, how tragic the accumulation. It has nothing whatever to do with this Light! The Light moves forth and dissolves everything before It!

This is why the Messengers feel the Power of that one Decree: “The Limitless Legions of Light now move across the face of the Earth, and all human darkness disappears!”

It is actually, literally, physically, and practically the Truth.”


Lord Maha Chohan

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