making of the universe: sacrifices

“The lower nature of man was evolved under the same law of sacrifice as ruled in the lower kingdoms. But with the outpouring of divine Life which gave the human Monad came a change in the way in which the law of sacrifice worked as the law of life.

In man was to be developed the will, the self-moving, self-initiated energy, and the compulsion which forced the lower kingdoms along the path of evolution could not therefore be employed in his case, without paralyzing the growth of this new and essential power.

No mineral, no plant, no animal was asked to accept the law of sacrifice as a voluntary chosen law of life. It was imposed upon them from without, and it forced their growth by a necessity from which they could not escape.

Man was to have the freedom of choice necessary for the growth of a discriminative and self-conscious intelligence, and the question arose: “How can this creature be left free to choose, and yet learn to choose to follow the law of sacrifice, while yet he is a sensitive organism, shrinking from pain, and pain is inevitable in the breaking up of sentient froms?”

Doubtless aeons of experience, studied by a creature becoming ever more intelligent, might have finally led man to discover that the law of sacrifice is the fundamental law of life; but in this , as in so much else, he was not left to his own unassisted efforts.”


Annie Besant

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