understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Steadily and surely there is being dissolved from the feeling world of mankind and the atmosphere of Earth, all the accumulation which has been charged with human, discordant qualities.

All this is rapidly being dissolved and consumed.

Through My Observation, it seems to Me only a few are realizing the fullness of what the Consuming Activity means for humanity. Let Me give you a clearer Feeling of what it means to you in every expression of your activity.

Whatever is consumed by your Call to the “Presence”, is forever erased from mankind and the Earth! These Activities have never been given to help the people, until Saint Germain brought this Work forth.

They repelled things if the Light were strong within them; but nothing was ever consumed, because the consuming idea and understanding was not there.

Today, let Me make it clear to you that in entering the Conscious Pathway of Light, you assert the Dominion which is yours, which you have not understood before and not claimed.

You are the Decreer for your world; and when you enter the Conscious Pathway of Light you are compelled – not by anyone, but by the Light of your Being, the Light of your own “Presence” – to make your own Conscious Application.

I ask you earnestly never to tire, never to lose your enthusiasm in your Application. It is your Freedom!”


Lord Maha Chohan

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