Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 417

“My Dear Ones, you do not yet know the capacity of all you have to assist many of mankind! The Knowledge which you have attained thus far, you can go forth and give to others where they are receptive; but never intrude It! Through your Radiation of Purity, Peace, and Kindness, just your Natural Harmony, and this Power of the Unfed Flame drawn around you, the very Radiation around you should be able to carry Illumination and assistance to those who come to you from the outer world.

We want you to stand forth among the people of America, clothed in the Power which enables you to rest serene within the Majesty of your “Presence” and the Enfolding Love of the Ascended Host; knowing that as you hold the Harmony and give your Calls, the Flame surges into action around you – goes into a condition and changes all things into Perfection, as you hold the Mastery of Self-Control over your own feelings! 

Life is very wonderful, My Dear Ones, in providing these Special Activities for the assistance of mankind at this hour of distress. Life is always trying to help mankind undo the results of mistakes; and it is My Joy, Joy that is positively Ecstasy, when I see one Life Stream after another released from those conditions which have distressed them for so long.

You cannot quite understand how We feel, who have come from Venus, a Realm where there is nothing but Happiness. On that Planet – it is not a Realm, it is a Planet really, a World; but there We know no distress. When a Great Accomplishment of the Harmony which is maintained there through the use of the Sacred Fire carries out Life’s Magnificent Plan of Creation in such Beauty, such Power, and such Joy, you have no idea how We long for you to have that same Mighty Perfection.

When We come into the atmosphere of Earth and know what you can become, know what you ought to be and what every Heart is craving to be, and there It stands in the Universe ready to help you become like Itself, We wait and watch; and as the Light around you and within you grows brighter and reaches a certain intensity, We don’t wait a moment to amplify, to protect that, and raise you into the next wider expansion and activity for your Victory.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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