understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now when you call My Love into a condition or I send that Love into a turbulent condition to change it, My Love is dynamically Powerful. It’s not just a soft wave of Ease and Peace. The Fire of My Love is Terrific, Positive Force. When I commanded the waves to be still, it took force to control those waves, and it was the Fire of My Love that mastered them. When I said “Peace be still”, there was Fire that went out over the water element and controlled it. When I have called the fire into action to correct conditions in people’s minds and bodies, I spoke with Authority, and the Cosmic Fire which was My Love to Life, was Dynamic Force, and mastered the energy in the destructive condition.

So, try to realize when you charge the energy of your feeling world with My Fire Presence of Eternal Perfection, you are going to become positive. And that’s what you need if you are going to throw off destructive conditions that have intruded themselves into the energy and substance of your world. When you go deep into the Heart of the Great Great Silence, you become very still, but very positive, because if you don’t remain positive you go to sleep; and then you don’t come where you thought you wanted to go.

So My Dear Ones, in order to be the Healing Presence wherever you abide to assist others, charge yourselves and others with My Fire Presence of Eternal Perfection; and know that that Fire blazes there until It changes everything into the Dynamic, Positive Love which is the Perfection of Our Octave.

That is what the world has to have if they’re going to have Peace. This Fire has to come into physical conditions; and therefore, when you call the Fire Presence of Myself or the Great Angel or the Elohim, or any of the Cosmic Beings or the Ascended Masters, you will immediately feel a Dynamic, Positive Force come into yourselves that carries the feeling of Our Mastery in that Sacred Fire. I give It to you without reservation; and every time you make that Call, that Flame shall come, and make you feel Its Control over every condition in the physical world until destruction lets go, and distress and limitations and mistakes and problems are driven into the Violet Consuming Flame, until they are purified; and all is given back into the Possession and Control of the Higher Mental Body.

So, I clothe you again tonight in the Dynamic Force of My Fire Presence of Eternal Perfection. Within It is My Feeling and Victory and Power of Mastery of the Cosmic Christ which I am now become. May the Fire of My Love keep Its Dynamic Power around you as Its Protection and Supply and Limitless Assistance, until you come face to face with Us while yet unascended. May the hour come quickly wherein We may accomplish that which must be done under those conditions, and which will forever bring you great Joy and boundless Victory.

With My Light I clothe you, with My Love I hold you, with My Energy of the Sacred Fire I protect and bless you and hold you sustained, until the Victory of your own “Blessed I AM Presence” takes Its Dominion in you – and you go forward to your appointed Destiny and Mastery through the Power of that Sacred Fire. May Its Dynamic Force and Its Everlasting Love clear your world and consume all veils between Us, until once again We walk hand in hand and side by side, and ever in that Flame abide. I thank you.”

Beloved Master Jesus The Christ

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