understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of My Heart, as We come closer into the atmosphere of Earth, you will feel Us more and more each day; and as you enter into the Release of your own expanding Victory of Cosmic Christ Fire, you will become more and more One with Us. It is necessary that mankind turn their attention to Us and make the Call. We have offered to come as close into the outer physical atmosphere as the bodies of the people can stand at the present time; but those of you who are using these Activities of the Cosmic Fire and the Violet Consuming Flame can prepare yourselves – you can prepare conditions around you to more quickly receive Us than the majority of people in the outer world.

In coming through the atmosphere of Earth, because of its density and its discord, We Ourselves are clothed in certain Powers of the Cosmic Fire. But even then, We have to lower the intensity of that to a certain point before We contact some of the conditions in the outer that need to be corrected. But the mass of mankind, if they want release and relief from this which is their own creation, then they must understand Our Reality, accept Us, and call for Us to come into their world of affairs and do for them what they cannot do for themselves.

In the general acceptance of Me in orthodox channels, they call to me through prayer and ask for help; but they do not call for My Visible, Tangible Presence with them. Only an occasional individual has wanted to see Me intensely enough to call with continued determination enough to cause the Cosmic Law to act so I might appear and reveal Myself to them for the accomplishment of that which assists them.

But since the anti-Christ has, to some degree, been accepted by so many of mankind because of their human desires, then there must come the swing of the pendulum the other way; and there must come the desire for My Visible, Tangible Presence with them. And that desire would cause them to make the Call for My Descent into the outer, that they might receive Assistance.”

The Beloved Mighty Jesus The Christ

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