Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 409

“I have come today to be the Reminder to you through My Flame of Love, that nothing in this world is Victory but the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan! I wish to register this within you today, in Letters of Living Fire – the Fire of My Love, of My Gratitude to Life for the Privilege of being the Victory of the Divine Plan Fulfilled to this Earth, and being a Part of the Victory of the whole System to which the Earth belongs! That is a Tremendous Privilege, a Tremendous Joy; and only as you become the Full Victory of the Light and the Divine Plan Fulfilled, can you know the Happiness, the Permanent Happiness which is within Life when you serve Its Divine Plan and expand Its Love and Blessings to the rest of the Universe.

“I AM” the Majesty of Victory Supreme! And only the Divine Plan’s Fulfillment could be that Authority and Power. Therefore, will you feel that in your daily affairs? Just the solving of this problem and the other problem is not necessarily Victory. You might dissolve them; but if you don’t rise into the Authority and Perfection of your own Glorious “I AM Presence”, and produce the Manifestations of the Divine Plan Fulfilled, you may have a dozen problems tomorrow where you had one today – if you do not fulfill the Divine Plan!

So will you think deeply upon the word “Victory”? Will you think deeply upon the Great Flame of Cosmic Love which gives so generously to mankind upon Earth, the opportunity to be permanently happy, to produce Eternal Beauty and Perfection, to become one with the Majesty of the rest of the Universe, and to be the Authority over all manifestation here, by the Great Cosmic Love of Creation?

I hope to register within you today a Record of what Cosmic Victory means to Life; and if you will give Me your attention often enough, and call for My Cosmic Illumination of all that Cosmic Victory means to the Earth, I will raise you out of your struggle, your problems, and your limitations – if you will let Me.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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