isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter vii (defending the secret science)

“Of the tenets of the Druzes, nothing authentic has ever come to light; the popular belief amongst their neighbors is, that they adore an idol in the form of a calf.” (KING, The Gnostics and Their Remains)

“O ye Lords of Truth without fault, who are forever cycling for eternity…save me from the annihilation of this Region of the Two Truths.” (Egyptian Ritual of the Dead”)

“Pythagoras correctly regarded the ‘Ineffable Name’ of God…as the Key to the Mysteries of the universe.” (PANCOAST, Blue and Red Light)

“In the next two chapters we shall notice the most important of the Christian secret sects – the so-called “Heresies” which sprang into existence between the first and fourth centuries of our era.

Glancing rapidly at the Ophites and Nazareans, we shall pass to their scions which yet exist in Syria and Palestine, under the name of Druzes of Mount Lebanon; and near Basra or Bassorah, in Persia, under that of Mendaeans, or Disciples of St. John. All these sects have an immediate connection with our subject, for they are of kabalistic parentage and have once held to the secret “Wisdom Religion”, recognizing as the One Supreme, the Mystery-God of the Ineffable Name. Noticing these numerous secret societies of the past, we will bring them into direct comparison with several of the modern. We will conclude with a brief survey of the Jesuits, and of that venerable nightmare of the Roman Catholic Church – modern Freemasonry. All of these modern as well as ancient fraternities – present Freemasonry excepted – were and are more or less connected with magic – practically, as well as theoretically; and every one of them – Freemasonry not excepted – was, and still is accused of demonolatry, blasphemy, and licentiousness.

Our object is not to write the history of either of them; but only to compare these sorely abused communities with the Christian sects, past and present, and then, taking historical facts for our guidance, to defend the secret science as well as the men who are its students and champions, against any unjust imputation.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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