understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of My Heart, I will not hold you long tonight, but I want to show you that the world is a mirror; and into it, as you look upon its great activities, you may place there whatever you want to come back to you. You are the creator individualized. Your Responsibility is to help govern the Universe by the Flame of Perfection of your own Life in your own Heart. And the world – since Its Electronic Substance is so very sensitive in the atmosphere about you – the world is yours to mold according to your desire. Whatever you mold into the world without, will condense and become your individual world of manifestation.

So, if you want your world free from limitations, you must place Freedom into the atmosphere about you by Conscious Command and the use of the Great Sacred Fire of Creation; and as you charge that forth to Life everywhere, Life will give It back to you. There is no escape from your own creative activities. With every thought, feeling, and spoken word, you are creating something every moment. Waking and sleeping, the waves of certain vibratory action are constantly passing off from the Life in you.

Therefore, unless you take the Master Hand – and definitely determine that the Life in you shall only send forth certain rates of vibration that produce Perfection into this Great Universal Light Substance – unless you definitely determine that, whatever happens to be around you will rush into you. The world is a mirror; and therefore, as you look into it, you may command there, God’s Perfection. And if you give the Recognition of God to the outer world, the outer world will recognize the God in you – your “Beloved I AM Presence”.

So each one is individually responsible for anything and everything that goes forth through the energy of the outer self each day, through thought, feeling, and spoken word. The vibratory action of your life’s energy constantly is throwing off into the very air you breathe, the qualities that are within you at the time; and as We have said before, so often that which goes forth from the mental and feeling world of an individual never gets beyond a radius of three feet until it comes right back into the individual, because as you send forth – through your thought and feeling and your spoken word – certain rates of vibration, you are breathing them back into yourself right the next instant before they can get very far away from you.

So, do you not see that unless the attention of the mental and feeling world is held upon the “Presence” and comes into Our Octave, to there see and feel and understand the Manifestations of Perfection, unless you reach to Our Octave or to your “Presence” and draw that Perfection into your world, how is your world going to give Perfection back to you?

You have, all through the centuries, My Loved Ones, time without number – time, and time, and time and again, you have reached into the outer world and drawn to yourselves what you thought was going to produce Harmony or Perfection or Happiness for you. And every time you have done that, you have been disillusioned; for whatever temporarily seems to hold that to you, unless it comes from your “Presence” or from Our Octave, it has beginning and end in this world. So if it makes you happy to receive it, it makes you unhappy, when you lose it.

Unless you come to the Eternal Association with your “Beloved I AM Presence” and with Us, you do not have Eternal Happiness; you do not have a way and means of producing the things that you want, and then maintaining them to bring you Eternal Happiness. So, in letting go of many of the things in the physical world that you have experimented with in the past, you are but freeing yourself, that you may reach into the Unlimited and draw to yourselves that which you have not yet experienced, but that which will forever bring with It the Happiness of Our Octave. And that you cannot lose!”

Beloved Master Jesus The Christ.

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