understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, while you’re standing, let Me say one more thing: Great are the Powers and Gifts of Life. Great is the Forgiveness and Mercy and Divine Compassion of Life; but Love, that Cosmic Christ Love, is the Greatest of all. And Its Immortal Power of Eternal Mastery I call to clothe you and lift you above every struggle in the outer world as you remember this tonight. Then as We go forward in the production of the Picture, will you, as the Vanguard of that Power to the rest of mankind, blaze the Light that leads the way; and you become the hope of the world to those who are seeking a way out of the darkness and have not yet found it.

May the fullness of all My Heart wants to do for all of you, be brought now into outer fulfillment in you and through you as I give you this Love tonight and make you feel the Immortal Power of Its Mastery, until Its Victory blazes Its Sun Presence around you wherever you go, and you go forward the Joy of Eternal Perfection.

The Immortal Power of the Cosmic Christ Love to this system of worlds stands now about you to take you forward to Victory, to hold you insulated in Its Harmony, and to open the Floodgates of Its Bounty into your use and direction in the Fulfillment and Manifestation in the outer, of the Great Divine Plan of Perfection. May you enjoy It with such intensity you can never forget It again in all Eternity.

I bid adieu in the Glory of Its Presence and Its Love forever. I bid you adieu but not goodbye. Again, We shall meet, and each time the Power shall surge, and you become Its Victorious, Masterful Presence in the physical world to render that Service which fulfills the Great Divine Plan, until you come to Us in Our Octave of Eternal Service to Life. Thank you so much. Won’t you be seated.”

Beloved Master Jesus The Christ

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