isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter vi (the conflict between religion and science)

“In the first book of Manu, we read: “Know that the sum of 1,000 divine ages, composes the totality of one day of Brahma; and that one night is equal to that day.” One thousand divine ages is equal to 4,320,000,000 human years, in the Brahmanical calculations.

“At the expiration of each night, Brahma, who has been asleep, awakes, and through the sole energy of the motion causes to emanate from himself the spirit, which in its essence is, and yet is not.” “Prompted by the desire to create, the Spirit, (first of the emanations), operates the creation and gives birth to ether, which the sages consider as having the faculty of transmitting sound. Ether begets air whose property is tangible, and which is necessary to life. Through a transformation of the air, light is produced. From air and light, which begets heat, water is formed, and the water is the womb of all living germs.”

Throughout the whole immense period of progressive creation, covering 4,320,000,000 years, ether, air, water, and fire (heat), are constantly forming matter under the never-ceasing impulse of the Spirit, or the unrevealed God who fills up the whole creation, for he is in all, and all is in him. This computation, which was secret, and which is hardly hinted at even now, led Higgins into the error of dividing every ten ages into 6,000 years. Had he added a few more ciphers to his sums he might have come nearer to a correct explanation of the neroses, or secret cycles.

In the Sepher Jezireh, the kabalistic Book of Creation, the author has evidently repeated the words of Manu. In it, the Divine Substance is represented as having alone existed from the eternity, boundless and absolute; and emitted from itself the Spirit. “One is the Spirit of the living God, blessed be His Name, who liveth forever! Voice, Spirit, and Word, this is the Holy Spirit”; and this is the kabalistic abstract Trinity, so unceremoniously anthropomorphized by the Fathers. From this triple ONE emanated the whole Cosmos. First from ONE emanated number TWO, or Air, the creative element; and then number THREE, Water, proceeded from the air; Ether or Fire complete the mystic four, the Arba-il.

“When the Concealed of the Concealed wanted to reveal Himself, he first made a point, (primordial point, or the first Sephira, air or Holy Ghost), shaped it into a sacred form, (the ten Sephiroth, or the Heavenly man), and covered it with a rich and splendid garment, that is the world.” “He maketh the wind His messengers, flaming Fire his servants”, says the Jezireh, showing the cosmical character of the later euhemerized angels, and that the Spirit permeates every minutest atom of the Cosmos.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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