understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved of Our Hearts, I hope tonight I will be able to bring into your feeling world Our Ascended Master Consciousness and Awareness of the Angelic Host with you. And the Legions of the Angelic Host to whom I refer tonight are those that are the Special Messengers from the Great Central Sun, that are created especially to do the Will, and fulfill the Direction and Divine Plan of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings who govern this world and this System of Worlds. Therefore, since all Ascended Masters are Angels and all Cosmic Beings are Angels, tonight I wish you to feel those Sacred Fire Legions of the Angelic Host from the Great Central Sun are the Way and Means by which the Ascended Masters fulfill your Calls – because the moment your attention comes to Us, it comes on a Ray of Light directed by your own Higher Mental Body.

When you call to Us, your Higher Mental Body knows it; and the Ray of Light comes to Us as directly as someone’s voice comes to you on the telephone. And it is answered instantly from Our Octave. When We see any part of Life in unascended beings trying to expand the Light and reaching up to something that is Greater than what is around it, there are Limitless Legions of these Angels from the Great Central Sun – the Angels of the Sacred Fire – that can come forth on an instant; and blazing Their Sacred Fire Love in and around the condition for which you call, can establish It there, and hold that Sacred Fire Love there until the physical condition is changed.

This is the mechanical way; that’s the way, if you want to term it such – by which the Cosmic Beings and the Life in the Great Central Sun directs and holds Divine Order in interstellar space, holds Balance in the manifested Universe of Worlds and Systems of Worlds, Suns and Systems of Suns, because the Limitless Legions of the Sacred Fire Angels from the Great Central Sun are especially created to establish Protection, or any Special Quality anywhere in manifestation that We direct It.

Therefore, the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings have Limitless Ways and means of drawing Manifestations of the Sacred Fire into physical conditions to correct conditions that are wrong, to consume what is wrong, to protect and expand and help you bring forth that which is right – and fulfills the Divine Plan to raise mankind into the Ascended Masters’ Octave, because that is the purpose of physical embodiment in this world.

Therefore, when you want Protection, call forth the Limitless Legions of the Fiery Christ Blue Lightning Protecting Angels. If you want Protection, call for the Protecting Angels! If you want Healing, ask for the Healing Angels! If you want Cosmic Illumination and Assistance in your understanding, call forth the Ascended Masters’ Illumining Angels, because there are those who can call forth in and around you, the Protection that is needed when We project to you Our Ascended Master Consciousness.

And your Higher Mental Body wants that anchored in the outer self in order to give you the Inspiration – many times to do things that are constructive in the physical world by which We can sustain that which is constructive and fulfills the Great Divine Plan. That is not only for yourself, but for the creation of a civilization, for the Protection of what is constructive, and for the Raising Activity of everybody, and everything on the Earth.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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