understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Mighty Victory last night, when he told you to keep calling His Fiery Christ Blue Lightning Victory – that comes by the Fiery Christ Blue Lightning Angels that come under His Direction. And They can draw the Fiery Christ Blue Lightning Flame that no words can ever convey. Only as you see It in Action, and see the result It produces by Conscious Direction, can you understand how Great is the Love of the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host and the Sacred Fire – to purify and raise mankind out of the self-created discord of the centuries past.

So now with all the Love at Our Command, We offer you Our Friends, because the Unconquerable Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Fire are Our Friends of Eternity. They are the Immortal Sacred Fire Love that can forever put an end to distress; and We want you, as soon as possible, to be protected and cut free from as much limitation and delay as possible in the Fulfillment of your Calls. Then as the Divine Plan is made manifest in your outer physical conditions, you can sustain, or have sustained, every constructive effort you make, to leave a blessing to this world that can be protected and expanded for Eternity. And this is the Law of Love, and the only Source that can give It for Eternity.

So, We offer you the Blessings of our Friends – Our Limitless Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Fire Love, and the Angels of the Sacred Fire’s Control of Manifestation, that you may have Protection; you may fulfill your Divine Plan; you may render your Service to the Nation, and you may release the Power to compel the hordes of evil to cease to be. And this is the Help We are asking for your Nation tonight! (applause). Thank you so much.

So, I enfold you now in My own Heart’s Flame of Sacred Fire Love. And I call the Limitless Legions of the All-Controlling Love of the Ascended Masters’ Octave to come and abide with you, and help you fulfill every Call, as you remember that They are there to cooperate with you to help purify the Nation and the world. So We clothe you in Our Miracle Mantle of the Sacred Fire Love of the Angelic Host; and may Their Legions without limit stand by you, reveal to you what needs to be done, and draw the Power that safeguards you, and all that is constructive wherever you abide, and all to which you direct your attention, so long as it fulfills the Divine Plan and is constructive.

So Blessed Ones, this Sacred Fire Love is without limit in the Heart of the Great Central Sun. And the Limitless Legions of the Angelic Host that come under Our Direction, we call – to hold that Love about you while Their Sacred Fire controls the conditions and compels destructive forces dissolved and consumed; and the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan releases Its Freedom to your Nation and the world. And I commend you to Their Love, Their Care, Their Protection, and Their Victory. And now may you use Their Power of the Sacred Fire Love without limit to control everything you contact, until you come to Us for Eternity. Thank you, with all My Heart.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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