understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is no resistance to Our use of the Sacred Fire. There is no opposition to the Legions of the Angels of Fiery Christ Blue Lightning and Victory – as Mighty Victory told you last night. There is no opposition to Us. We offer these things; but if mankind covers them over with the discord and the substance of destruction, that doesn’t mean that the discord has entered into that thing any more than the clouds can enter into the Sun Presence. If sometimes the sunlight is shut off because there are clouds underneath it, the clouds don’t enter into the Sun. Mankind’s evil cannot enter into the Sacred Fire Control of the Angels of the Sacred Fire, whose Almighty Love and Power without limit – of Electronic Force from the Great Central Sun – can be concentrated into any intensity whatsoever to dissolve and consume anything that is of discord.

So Beloved Ones, if you care to have these Legions as your Friends, They are Friends of Mighty Power. And if you care to associate with Them, you will be surprised at the Blessings that will fill you and your world; and you will begin to feel that you do have a Power of Mastery over destructive conditions – or in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan that prevents delay and takes you forward Victorious everywhere.

And you have to have Their Assistance at the moment of the Ascension – and before the Ascension. You can’t have the Ascension except by the Assistance of the Angels of the Sacred Fire, whose Love is Indestructible Purity and Power without limit for Eternity. Every Ascension that ever takes place comes into Our Octave in the midst of Limitless Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Fire whose Love surrounds that one Ascending, and draws it by the Magnetic Power of that Love into the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Perfection for Eternity.

So, this is your Eternal Destiny. These are friends of yours for Eternity, and this is the Master Power that you can have as the Assistance you need while yet unascended. But you must remember Them. You must see Them. You must pour Love to Them. You must call Them into outer physical conditions. And practice calling Their Sacred Fire Love’s Indestructible Purity into every condition that exists in order to consume what is wrong, draw forth and produce what is the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan, and protects It until you are completely Ascended.

Now this can be drawn into outer action to help your Nation just as well as you individually, or in business associations, or in any condition of the outer world. There isn’t a place where It can’t be called into existence; and there is no such thing as failure, because the Sacred Fire Love which the Angelic Host from the Great Central Sun draw into this world is Immortal Mastery, and as free as the air you breathe.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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