Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 391

“I long so much to have mankind understand what their Call to Me can do for the Earth. You who know this Law, understand the Requirements of the Cosmic Law, so you can give the Calls which enable this Flame of Cosmic Victory to go forth; but the mass of mankind, until they are taught this Law of the “I AM”, do not have Permanent Victory. They have a shadow today and a little sunshine tomorrow, a shadow the next day. And like a pendulum, they swing and swing and swing and never stabilize anywhere, because they cannot until they know the Glorious Word “I AM”, understand where the “Mighty I AM Presence” is, what It is, and what It can do for them!

Until they see, know, and accept the Reality of the Mighty Ascended Masters, the Cosmic Beings, and the Greater Manifestations of the Sacred Fire in the Universe about them – until they know all this, they are not stabilized within Permanent Happiness or Perfection!

The ceaseless swing of the energy is the thing that pulls the attention, My Loved Ones, either to the Heights of Perfection and Victory to which you can attain, or the opposite. Then say to the attention: “Go into the Heart of the Flame of Cosmic Victory! Stay there for Eternity and never look anywhere else!”

You can command your attention, your vision, and your feeling to go into the Heart of the Cosmic Flame of My Cosmic Victory. There I shall receive you; and you then become that Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory to the rest of mankind, wherever you move. It is worth all the effort it takes to command everything in your beings and worlds to become My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory.

I shall help you to remember, to accept, to feel, and to issue your “I AM” Decrees, your Commands for the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory to surge everywhere into all the substance and energy of your worlds, into your consciousness, and into all consciousness – and release all that My Victory is to the Earth! I shall watch and assist you as you make the Call, until you feel My Victory, and send It forth to all! The Garden of My Heart is everywhere that My Victory is called into action!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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