isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter v (mysteries of the kabala)

“Do we take up the Avesta – we find there the dual system so prevalent in the Christian scheme. The struggle between Ahriman, Darkness, and Ormazd, Light, has been going on in the world continually since the beginning of time. When the worst arrives and Ahriman will seem to have conquered the world and corrupted all mankind, then will appear the Saviour of mankind, Sosiosh. He will come seated upon a white horse and followed by an army of good genii equally mounted on milk-white steeds. And this we find faithfully copied in the revelation: “I saw heaven opened and beheld a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true. …And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses”, (Revelation 19:11, 14).

Sosiosh himself is but a later Persian permutation of the Hindu Vishnu. The figure of this god may be found unto this day representing him as the Saviour, the “Preserver”, (the preserving spirit of God, in the temple of Rama. The picture shows him in his tenth incarnation – the Kalki avatar, which is yet to come – as an armed warrior mounted upon a white horse. Waving over his head the sword destruction, he holds in his other hand a discus, made up of rings encircled in one another, an emblem of the revolving cycles of great ages, for Vishnu will thus appear but at the end of the Kaliyug, answering to the end of the world expected by our Adventists. “And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword…on his head were many crowns”, (Revelation 19:12).

Vishnu is often represented with several crowns superposed on his head. “And I saw an angel standing on the Sun”, (17). The white horse is the horse of the Sun. Sosiosh, the Persian Saviour, is also born of a virgin, and at the end of days he will come as a Redeemer to regenerate the world, but he will be preceded by two prophets, who will come to announce him. Hence the Jews who had Moses and Elias, are not waiting for the Messiah. “Then comes the general resurrection, when the good will immediately enter into this happy abode – the regenerated earth; and Ahriman and his angels (devils), and the wicked, be purified by immersion in a lake of molten metal…Henceforward, all will enjoy unchangeable happiness, and, headed by Sosiosh, ever sing the praises of the Eternal One.”

The above is a perfect repetition of Vishnu in his tenth avatar, for he will then throw the wicked into the infernal abodes in which, after purifying themselves, they will be pardoned – even those devils which rebelled against Brahma, and were hurled into the bottomless pit by Siva, as also the “blessed ones” will go to dwell with the gods, over the Mount of Meru.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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