isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter v (mysteries of the kabala)

“Alexander Polyhistor says that Abraham was born at Kamarina or Uria, a city of soothsayers, and invented astronomy. Josephus claims the same for Terah, Abraham’s father. The tower of babel was built as much by the direct descendants of Shem as by those of the “accursed” Ham and Canaan, for the people in those days were “one”, and the “whole earth was of one language”; and Babel was simply an astrological tower, and its builders were astrologers and adepts of the primitive Wisdom-Religion, or again, what we term Secret Doctrine.

The Berosian Sibyl says: Before the Tower, Zeru-an, Titan, and Yapetosthe governed the earth, Zeru-an wished to be supreme, but his two brothers resisted, when their sister, Astlik, intervened and appeased them. It was agreed that Zeru-an should rule, but his male children should be put to death; and strong Titans were appointed to carry this into effect.

Sar, (circle, saros), is the Babylonian god of the sky. He is also Assaros or Asshur, (the son of Shem), and Zero – Zero-ana, the chakkra, or wheel, boundless time. Hence, as the first step taken by Zoroaster, while founding his new religion, was to change the most sacred deities of the Sanscrit Veda into names of evil spirits, in his Zend Scriptures, and even to reject a number of them, we find no traces in the Avesta of Chakkra – the symbolic circle of the sky.

Elam, another of the sons of Shem, is Oulam mlw, and refers to an order or cycle of events. In Ecclesiastes iii., 11, it is termed “world”. In Ezekiel xxvi., 20, “of old time”. In Genesis iii., 22, the word stands as “forever”; and in chapter ix., 16, “eternal”. Finally, the term is completely defined in Genesis vi., in the following words: “There were nephelim, (giants, fallen men, or Titans), on the earth.” The word is synonymous with Aeon, aiwn. In Proverbs viii., 23, it reads: “I was effused from Oulam, from Ras”, (wisdom). By this sentence, the wise king-kabalist refers to one of the mysteries of the human spirit – the immortal crown of the man-trinity.

While it ought to read as above, and be interpreted kabalistically to mean that the I, (or my eternal, immortal Ego), the spiritual entity, was effused from the boundless and nameless eternity, through the creative wisdom of the unknown God, it reads in the canonical translation: “The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old”, which is unintelligible nonsense, without the kabalistic interpretation.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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