isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter iv (gnostic ophites)

“Primitive Christianity had its grip, passwords, and degrees of initiation. The innumerable Gnostic gems and amulets are weighty proofs of it. It is a whole symbolical science. The kabalists were the first to embellish the universal Logos, with such terms as “Light of Light”, the Messenger of LIFE and LIGHT, and we find these expressions adopted in toto by the Christians, with the addition of nearly all the Gnostic terms such as Pleroma, (fulness), Archons, Aeons, etcetera. As to the “First-Born”, the First, and the “Only-Begotten”, these are as old as the world. Origen shows the word “Logos” as existing among the Brachmanes. “The Brachmanes say that the God is Light, not such as one sees, nor such as the sun and fire; but they have the God LOGOS, not the articulate, the Logos of the Gnosis, through whom the highest MYSTERIES of the Gnosis are seen by the wise.”

The Acts and the fourth Gospel teem with Gnostic expressions. The kabalistic: “God’s first-born emanated from the Most High”, together with that which is the “Spirit of the Anointing”; and again “they called him the anointed of the Highest”, are reproduced in Spirit and substance by the author of the Gospel according to John. “That was the true light”, and “the light shineth in darkness.” “And the WORD was made flesh.” “And his fulness, (pleroma), have all we received”, etc., (John 1 et seq.)

The “Christ”, then, and the “Logos” existed ages before Christianity; the Oriental Gnosis was studied long before the days of Moses, and we have to seek for the origin of all these in the archaic periods of the primeval Asiatic philosophy. Peter’s second Epistle and Jude’s fragment, preserved in the New Testament, shows by their phraseology that they belong to the kabalistic Oriental Gnosis, for they use the same expressions as did the Christian Gnostics who built a part of their system from the Oriental Kabala.

“Presumptuous are they, (the Ophites), self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of DIGNITIES”, says Peter, (2nd Epistle 2:10), the original model for the later abusive Tertullian and Irenaeus. “Likewise, (Even as Sodom and Gomorrah), also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise DOMINION and speak evil of DIGNITIES”, says Jude, repeating the very words of Peter, and thereby expressions consecrated in the Kabala. Dominion is the “Empire”, the tenth of the kabalistic sephiroth.

The Powers and Dignities are the subordinate genii of the Archangels and Angels of the Sohar. These emanations are the very life and soul of the Kabala and Zoroastrianism; and the Talmud itself, in its present state, is all borrowed from the Zendavesta. Therefore, by adopting the views of Peter, Jude, and other Jewish apostles, the Christians have become but a dissenting sect of the Persians, for they do not even interpret the meaning of all such Powers, as the true kabalists do.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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